Urban Daddy: Garage Mahal A French Bistro in a Bushwick Garage

As far as things you’ll find inside graffiti-spattered Bushwick garages tonight, this ranks pretty highly.

Maybe the highest.

Definitely in your top three.

It’s called Le Garage, it’s a charmer of a French bistro for amusing not-easily-amused dates or indulging your hobby of eating foie gras in unexpected locations, and it’s open now.

Considering that this is a garage, it’s really not very garage-like. Inspect the accuracy of that statement right here. You’ll enter into a bright, colorful space and make for the burnt-orange banquettes, posthaste.

The posthaste part being so you can begin on moules marinières, foie gras or potato confit with snails. Or all of it. Follow your instincts. Continue making good decisions with the hanger steak with potatoes soaked in duck fat béarnaise.

Website link: http://www.urbandaddy.com/nyc/food/36537/Le_Garage_A_French_Bistro_in_a_Bushwick_Garage_New_York_City_NYC_Restaurant

PDF: Le Garage _ A French Bistro in a Bushwi..

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