Radish, sesame salt  4

Saucisson sec  4

Fried panisse  4

Smoked fish rillette, trout roe  6

Romaine hearts, sunflower seeds, taragon, pecorino  7

Potatoes in duck fat, béarnaise  7


Soup du jour  9

Squid, spring onions, basil, chili pepper, romesco  10

Leeks, dijon mustard vinaigrette, mimosa, fried capers  11

Watermelon, marinated castelvetrano kalamata olives, feta, lemon confit, basil, mint  12

Corvina ceviche, pomegranate, plantain chips, popped cancha, lime, cilantro  13

Foie gras, beet & pearl onion marmalade  16


Green pesto risotto, house made ricotta, grilled almonds  18

Fish of the day, asparagus, parmesan cream, pistachios, fleur de sel  23

Duck brest magret, bluberries, bay leaf thyme confit potatoes  24

Hanger steak à la plancha with potatoes in duck fat, béarnaise  26

Organic chicken for two, hand mashed potatoes coconut coriander  35


Market cheese & fig confiture  10

Fresh pineapple, ginger, lime  8

Almond blanc manger, raspberry compote  9

“Chardon” chocolat cake, crème fraiche  10


Panisse • Chickpea fries  5

Deviled eggs • housemade mayonnaise & bacon  5

Pork cheek sandwich • peanut satay sauce, mixed greens  13

Croque Monsieur • ham, gruyere, bechamel, toasted country bread  12

Croque Madame (+1 egg) 13

Le Garage omelette • herbs, mixed greens, duck fat potatoes (Egg white +$1)  10

Chorizo Eggs • grilled chorizo, poached egg, rostie, flamingo sauce  12

Steak & eggs • charmoula, duck fat potatoes  17

Two eggs any style • sauteed mushrooms, sausage, toasted country bread  11

Vegetarian eggs any style • sauteed mushrooms, tomato confit, toasted country bread  12

Salad Valencay • avocado, romaine lettuce, goat cheese, walnuts  13

Pain perdu • french toast, roasted pineapple  10

Yogurt, granola, nuts, fruit, maple syrup  9

Sweet Plate, croissant & pain au chocolat  6


Sausage  (regular or spicy)  4

Bacon  4

Duck fat potatoes  6

Mixed greens  5